Free Market America

Strategically shaping public awareness of issues for Free Market candidates.

Taking the conversation to the streets… before the election window.




Free Market America promotes Free Market Candidates, Policies, and Ballot Initiatives on a grass roots level, consistently throughout election and off-season, with a long term objective of increasing voter support and awareness of free market policies on the local and national levels.




Free Market America is NOT a social organization, but a working group to educate voters. Personnel will not be “members,” but hired Agents or volunteers.

Free Market America will engage voters on the grass roots level, through personal conversations in targeted public areas and door to door, on a year round basis. All efforts will be strategically focused on voter populations most critical to upcoming elections, as coordinated with candidates planning to run for office. Agents will register subscribers to keep them informed of issues and efforts, and get out the vote efforts during election time.

Agents will promote for issues during the off season, then promoting specific candidates during the election window. The issues promoted will be strategically designed according to the strengths of candidates likely to run, and demographics of the area.

Full time Agents will be hired to personally promote issues and candidates, recruit and manage volunteers, develop and maintain the subscriber base, and develop materials for targeted areas and candidates. All Agents will be hired as undergrads straight out of reputable universities, and given broad responsibility for all aspects of planning and execution. Agents will be hired on a strict two to three year basis, expected to subsequently develop their careers with other businesses, or entering top MBA programs. This young, professional, courteous, and personable promotion over the long term will cause citizens to maintain awareness of how free market policies strengthen the quality of life in America, swaying them to vote accordingly.

Free Market America will exist as an educational organization. Agents will coordinate with candidates for planning what populations to educate, and with free market think tanks for the content. While it is anticipated that Free Market America will tend to steer people toward Republican candidates and policies, the organization will maintain a non-partisan status.




Free Market America will focus purely on economic issues, the impact of policies (locally and nationally), the economic positions of candidates, and voting recommendations. Social issues such as abortion and gay marriage are strictly prohibited. Environmental issues are only discussed inasmuch as they directly reflect on candidates, or impact the economy.

Free Market America will focus purely on personal contact, whether promoting in public areas, door to door, etc. with emphasis on voter registration and get-out-the-vote efforts. Free Market America will not sponsor television and other media adds. Web media will be used strategically.

Full time Agents will focus on their local regions, coordinating with candidates running in their regions. As the organization grows, a few leaders will carry additional responsibilities as national coordinators, but the emphasis will be placed on local leadership. Agents will be responsible for all activities, operations, promotion materials, recruiting, accounting, etc.