sunday  12, 05

I was down in cali visiting my brother Bryan last year, we decided  to go play volleyball at the beach ( we went undefeated) and I forgot to put on sunscreen on me stomach (uhhh I mean my worked  abs) and this is what tourned out.

SUNDAY 19, 05

This week was a fun week for me (i wont be typing much i can only type so fast with one hand)   but any ways, tuesday i went out watersking  on my brothers ski that he cant use any more and that was awsome. (justin the water was nice, hardley a wind wrinkle.)  Then on Wendesday i went to a Wrestling camp at Western State Collage.  Friday night at my last duel of the day i  think i threw my schoulder out of place and so i couldent wrestle any more.  so thiis has taken me about 10 minuints to type this because poking the key board with one hand is slow and hard.  Wrestling is the best sport ever created their is no other sport better or ever will be.


today was a llong day i went driving around denver all day and the only good thing about that was i got a new areo b the worlds best frisby.  then we got home and i started taking the tinting off of our car one of justins toys that we took from him. I may be young and not to full of wisdom but listen to me on this dont take tinting off you windows your self it sucks like none other.  you would be better off having someone else do it for you.

MONDAY 27, 05

last week was a interesting week but a fun week  i went to arizona for my grandmas funeral  and that went really well and  while we were down there i got to know someof my cuzzins that i dident know to well and that was fun we also went  to batman begins that was a good movie i was impressed usually the bat man movies are bad acting and bad plots but this one was really good if you  havent seen it you schould see it ( sorry about the spellling i am not in to much of a mood to try and spell stuff right or even punchate anything so sorry)

this was last summer in me back yard longboarding is the coolest thing ever (almost) sking and watersking are more fun.
wenesday 6, 06

I have been gone a long time we first went down to youthconference at wester state collage in unnison co.  that was fun but the last night we were there some stupid punk kid broke into our car and 14 others and broke everything and took our digital camera.  and broke all of my cds in there except red hot cillie peppers and weezer and took my cd player and broke our radio. he also broke my aviators and used them to scratch a big long line down the drivers side of the car  (who breaks aviators)  then from gunnison we went to utah to my uncles for the 4th that was awsome. we then decided to drive home going up to flaming gourge and then here.(10 hours of  being board) i did get up to 100 mph that was fun my mom saw that i yeld at me but i was passing a  bmw who I was racing and that was fun i think he let me pass becasue i would go to pass him and he would speed up then slow down then speed up and so forth. and now here i am updating my blog.(i would have pics but the camera was stollen)
wendsay 20, 05

I no that I havent written in a long time but i have been gone in utah at efy then chillin with my cuzzins who live thereIi found these pics tonight and i was like thats awsome. I am not going to make these smaller jsut because  they are really coll looking. sorry about the view from everest but i looks funny to not have it so long so just bare with me on that one.


I am proud to say I was there for that with my brother bryan.
Thursday 21, 05

well today was booring but any way i came across this website that has to be the most usless website ever her it is  "It a trap" i found this on tayster

FrIdAy 29, 05

on wendsay i got a new handel for our ski rope.  this handle is awsome it is not round but oval and it has a awsome grip with out gloves but with (jsutins gloves) gloves the grip is awsome.  buy they way jsuting i am the only one who is using your gloves
 they fit no one else. so any way today mowing the lawn about 10 min ago i accidently ran over our sprinkler and broke it so i need ot go and replace it . i have decided to change the color of my boxes so i am going to do that .


I HATE cheaters they bug me so much we were playing a really fun game wendsay night it called ticket ot ride i found it when i was out in utah i played it with my cuzzin and his friends. any aways so i had a bunch of friends over to play a game. Ii was giving my one friend one last chance to redeem himself becasue every time i play with him he cheets. so we get into the middle of the game I havent cought him cheeting yet them I realise everyone is passing and trading cards and plasing down trains were ever they please and they said they had their objective done but the never did they dident even follow it so i am never ever going to play games with ym friend again. personally what this says to me is that cheeters dont have the brain capacity to think and stratigize. It also tells me that they are extreemelly lazy becasue they dont want to take the thinking power or 1 min to think about how they are going to win. and you never get the good feeling you get when you win becasue you know you dident win on your own. it like wrestling in you wrestle down a weight and you win you most likly won because you weigh more but if you wrestle at you weight or up and you win you know you won becasue you are better.
that was my deal with cheaters and the gmae tournd out to be lame and booring jsut becasue people cheated.

flaming gourge

last week i wen tto flaming gourge. it is on the utah wyoming border. we left monday and  about 10 miles out of laramie we poped a tire so we changed it. while we were changing that i saw funniest site i have seen in a long timewe saw in the distnce when we started to change it a big tracter comming down the road .  when were almost done and he was just barly passsing us then me and my friend dallin who came with us jsut said  3 brutly murded by a misterious farmer. anyway it was preety funny. then jsut out of rocksprings we poped a nother tire. so we spent the night there and finally got there tuesday at about 10 and we set up camp and skied. then my brother bryan and his friend rachell meet us there then every one else meet us there on wendsay night.

ok water
good water
bryan puts on his wet suit and turns into a superherro
i edited this a little bit but if you want to see the origional go to bryans blog . this was the picture of the trip i took it wendsay morning sking i leaned over the side of the boat and cha ching.
i was messing around on our new camer that we got right befour the trip and ironically bryan got the same camera for the excact reasons. i had the shutter open for 15 sec with this one.

I went to the aquabats monday with luke and his little brother and dallin. the pu ton the coolest shows their are hilarous well any way that was awsomewe meet these girls who got us in for free they were really cool.


i found this web site that you can ge tthe code for music videos and i picked this oen becasue slightlystoopid is awsomeSlightly Stoopid - Sweet Honey

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